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Krt Fellowship Honorees

The students of the UAMS Physician Assistant Program established the inaugural student society in 2013 named the Kelly Rahn Turnage PA Student Fellowship. The society was named after three individuals at UAMS who were instrumental in the development of the PA Program. Patricia Kelly, PhD, PA-C is the founding Chair and Program Director of the PA Program. Daniel Rahn, MD, is the Chancellor of UAMS and was the initial advocate of the program. Richard Turnage, MD, is the founding medical director of the PA Program.


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2013 PA Student Fellowship Officers

Class Officers

Courtney Mosley, Kumar Patel, Matt Reynolds, Mai Nguyen


2013 Elected Officers and Representatives for UAMS PA Program

President - Courtney Mosley, PA-S

Vice President - Mai Nguyen, PA-S

Secretary - Matt Reynolds, PA-S

Treasurer - Kumar Patel, PA-S

Assembly of Representatives (AOR) representatives- Ashley Fairchild, PA-S

House of Delegates student representative/SAAAPA delegate- Jonathon McCrary, PA-S

Arkansas Academy of Physician Assistant Representative (ARAPA) - Katie Schaiff, PA-S

Student Diversity Committee Representative - Eva Barlogie, PA-S

External Affairs Representative Chairperson - Toni Hudson, PA-S

Student Society Historian - Alissa Huberty, PA-S

CHP Student Council Representative - Drew Siebenmorgen, PA-S

12th Street Health/Wellness Representative - Samantha Strong, PA-S


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