What are Physician Assistants (PAs)?

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“The emphasis of the PA Profession is to be part of a team.”
Taylor Caston, Onia, AR

Medical providers who are nationally certified and state- licensed to practice medicine with the supervision of a physician.

They are trained in the medical model and educated similarly to physicians, so they share similar diagnostic and therapeutic reasoning.

PAs graduate from nationally accredited programs generally with a master’s degree. Upon graduation they sit for a national board certification examination and then must obtain state licensure with the supervision of a physician to practice.

PAs contribute to the physician/PA team and ensure the highest quality standards of patient care. They are not independent clinicians but can work autonomously in the same clinic or institution as their supervising physician.

They may also work at a satellite clinic separate from their supervising physician if telecommunication is available. The distance the PA can practice away from their supervising physician varies from state to state.

PAs can deliver a broad range of medical and surgical services to diverse urban and rural populations.

 Physician assistants can also practice in any discipline of medicine and can change medical or surgical disciplines without additional formal training like a residency program. This makes a PA more versatile and decreases burn-out in the profession.


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